Wojciech Skowron

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  • Hiya!


    My name is Wojtek. This is a landing page for the ones who check my private email domain.

    You might either know me, or try to find out who am I.

    Will be glad to introduce myself at my portfolio website. You can also check something above.

    The whole website is very oldschool and I have written it from scratch back in 2014. To the left you can see how I lookeld likeback then.

  • music



    I play various kinds of music mostly on ethnical drums. Among my favs, you could find cajon, djembe, darbuka, various kinds of shakers and percussion. Lately I've been a bit keen on ambient on one hand and electronic pads on the other.

    music projects

    I currently work with many musicians. There is also one band that I co-founded in 2017, San Escobar.

    Besides playing music, I also compose and produce music for short films and animations. In June 2023 I made music for animation that advertised the UN's World Bicycle Day and was shown all around the world wherever a bicycle event was organized.

    To calm nerves and chill I'm playing Tibethian Singing Bowls. Sound therapy is my recent hobby and takes important role in my and my relatives' lifes.

  • work

    ♪┏(・o・)┛♪┗ ( ・o・) ┓

    Since late 2019 I've been managing projects...

    Many of them successful, some not. Lucky for me I was able to learn how the corporate world works and cope with it.

    ...for quite a time...

    I've been thinking about what can I manage besidess digital transformation of major corporate customers which I won't name due to NDAs. I play fair and try to automate my work as much as possible. I'm using VBA, RPA, Sharepoints, Network drives and other solutions to coordinate the work of Transition Managers or Transformation Innovation Officers. These are cool names, ain't they?

    ...i'm also involved in different activities around movies and films.

    The two coolest things to do in public for me are to perform a good gig, or watch a movie that you worked with in theater.

    Even better, is to be invited on a stage and say "I'd like to thank The Audience and The Jury for the sign of appreciation in form of this statue!"

    Well, once I get this chance, I will surely have something more interesting to say. So for now, these words are said by the ones around :)

  • contact

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    youtube channel

    music projects

    San Escobar - my band that plays music for all sorts of voyages. We released two albums. Currently there are: sax, guitar, percussions, bass. New album should see the daylight in 2024.

    The Non Existent Band - this is a collaboration of two ore more musicians. We play long ambient sets, sound baths, using Tibethian Singing Bowls, gongs and various other exotic instruments, drums and percussions. The audience is advised to take a sit and relax.

  • about

    ( ^_^)o自自o(^_^ )

    this website

    Back in early 2000s Ive been learning HTML. I consider it one of my most useless skills. I decided to leave this place as a kind of farewell to simple websites without any scripts except for CSS and occasionally PHP and JS.